Interference - 06/2013

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It’s time to introduce my new game : Interference

Interference is a Stealth Puzzle Platformer with a gameplay mechanic similar to that of Rubik’s Cube which lets you modify its levels’ architecture.
100% stealth, no way to attack, You must sneak through the guts of this technoir metropolis. Join the Interferers and redraw reality!

// Hack level design to manipulate enemies and progress in the game
// Cyberpunk/TechNoir Atmosphere
// More than 30 levels with narrative elements inside and outside levels.
// A game for Windows/OSX/ (Linux/iOS/Android , later)

You can find and support Interference on IndieDB and SliceDB :

// Also on TIGSource
// Also on Indivisibles Website

For now, here is an early gameplay video (screencapture from an ipad) :

Interference – Devlog002 from Sinok426 on Vimeo.

More Soon …